Review : Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benaway

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Do you think childhood friendships could be turned into more serious realatonships ?

Do you think long distance could make people (some people) from forgetting their loved ones ??

Well at least that wasn’t the case for litlle Emmy who was separated from he bestfriend childhood Oliver when she was only 7 years old !

Oliver and Emmy were’nt only best friends they were also neighboors and even their windows were exactly in front of each other … they had everything setteled : their secret signal , their friends , THEIR LIFE !

The only flaw was with Oliver’s father … sadly Oliver’s parents were divorced and on a vey regular school day Oliver was taken away by his father who so clearly wanted his son all to his self and ever since then Emmy never seen Oliver again, or at least not untill today .

It’s been 10 years … 10 years passed and Oliver’s mother never stopped looking for her son and today Oliver is back !

The author goes on talking about how the kidnapping had effected the entire neighborhood , it was never safe anymore , All parents became over protective thinking they were protecting their kids and that includs Emmy’s parents which made her feel the urge to lie to them about her love for surfing knowing that they would consider it dangerous and stop her .

Oliver in the other hand has trouble adjusting to his old-new life with his mother … he finds himself happy to be with her but he misses his father too and he can’t stop himself from thinking tha he sort of ruined the life she built for herself with her new husband and children -the twins- and he can’t stop the feeling of dissapointement that his mother was expecting to get back her 7 year old son and that she dosen’t even try to get know him as he is now !

In the process of the family problems and high school life Emmy and Oliver get to know each other again and this time their realationship is not just friendship … it’s more .

For 10 years Emmy never forgot about Oliver and waited for his arrival .

Personal Thinking :

when i first saw this book i though it would be a quick read and something to get my hands on untill some new books arrive but in the end it turned out to be a beautiful Romance-Drama book !

the charachters are amazing …

the writing style is awesome …

it’s just another flawless book that i would re-read some other time !

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