My problem with Goodreads’s recommandations !

Hello Everyone and welcome to this new post!

Today i’m talking about my problem with Goodreads !

really it’s just my only problem because Goodreads is an amazing website and it also helps me alot to put together all the books that i read and also tell me when there is a new amazing book coming up and it just keeps me updated !

And more than all the RECOMMANDATIONS !!

Now i can’t really say that thery aren’t useful because really most of my TBR is from those BUT …. those recommandations give me the agony of wondering and to be honest i am a  terrible descion maker !! qnd zhen i see those recommandations i’m like …

[ This one looks good …] 

[OMG ! i have to read this one … ] 

[ HOLY CRAP … i didn’t know this one was even out !! ]

Now You can imagine what i go through everytime i even log on Goodreads !! 

Comment if You have to go through the same problem i have !

P.s : you  can now…

1- add me on Goodreads : HAB (Addicted To Books)


2- follow me on twitter : @tunisiawants 


3- subscribe on my Youtube Channel : Addicted To Books + Dream Casts Maker

See You soon again with possibly more book reviews and posts !


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