2 Books That Have Blown My mind !!

hello there ! 

Today i  am going to be talking about 5 books that have blown my -ever loving- mind ! 

First of all i really hope you guys would be nice about your opinions(if you read this) because everyone might have diffrent opinions about a certain book and i think we should all be able to talk about them freely without being attacked .

Now let’s get started ! 

The first book that has truly blow mine is “Red Queen” 



this 383 pages book has completely blown my mind ! 

People either really hated this or really loved it ! i happily enjoyed it endlessly ! 

the main charachter “Mare”

Mare lives in this world where society is devided into two kinds of people , there are the silvers and the reds and Mare is a red . the silvers are supposedly the rulers that posses the money and the power and also superpowers like controling fire, water, and air and alot more but Mare is a red so how can she posses powers too !

Well she does and maybe  that’s what would prove that there is really no diffrence between silvers and red. 

Mare’s power is to control lightning wich is so unheard of. the king and his wife take a Mare in and try to understand how can a red have a power in the prosses the intoduce mare to society as the little prince’s fiance, prince”Maven”, but love dosen’t come that way and so it didn’t instead she loved the older brother , prince “Cal” the firce controller 


But the world dosen’t work this way and love isn’t what’s important at this point there are more important things to do, like protecting her family and saving the entire red race !

The plot twist is a killer ! it made me cry for hours so if you hadn’t read it yet i suggest you do !


téléchargement (1)

Shatter Me, Tahereh Mafi has succesfully blown my mind in 338 pages 

The main charachter “Juliette” .

Juliette has a power. she can kill with one touch but she can’t help it , she can’t control her power but that made her end locked up somewhere , she dosen’t know , all she know is that some driver drove for 9 hours to get her and she stayed there for 2 years untill “Warner” go her out in order to use her as a weapon to hurt people. But she dosen’t want to hurt anyone and so … she runs away with Adam !

P.s this book is being currently discussed as a movie or a serie and charachters are being chosen

 India Eisley = Juliette Ferrars


Colton Haynes= Adam Kent


Now pease let Jake Abel be Warner !!! 

Thanks for reading this (if you did ) 



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