My Feelings After Watching 1ST Episode Of Shadow Hunters

Hey Book Lovers


So this year ‘the mortal instruments’ by Cassandra Claire was turned into a serie and today i am going to talk about my reaction after watching the first episode


first off the casting !

téléchargement (1)


Clary Fray = Molly Quinn

téléchargement (2)


in comparison to lilly collins, Molly Quinn dosen’t really fit into Clary Fray’s chacters . the acting was far far better in the movie and the charcters were alot more developped .

i know the movie wasn’t the best everr! but it was okay and the acting of Lilly Collins was way better Molly Quinn !

Sometimes , it felt to me like she was stumbling upon her words and like she was making a huge effort to just fit into the character !

Jase Wayland=Dominic Sherwood

images (2)


Not exactly my dream Jase but he is definetely better than Jamie Campbell but in this first episode he so still dosen’t exactly get the hang of his charachter …..still better tho !


  • the entire episode seemed to stretch wich is not exactly something i want when i am watching a serie i am supposed to feel like the episodes are just too short for me but then again i have only watched the first one so i can’t really judge it this way wich is why i would be writing a post when i finish watching the first 5 episodes so expect that soon !
  • also tell me what you though after watching the first episode and it is totally okay if you disagree with me


Bye Book Lovers



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