Anchored In The Bay by Rachelle Paige (First Chapter Reaction)


so this is my first ARC and i wanted to do a first chpter REACTION on it because , hey this is my first ARC and i’m really exited !

so in this first chapter i met 4 charachters only

first character is Emily wich is the main charachter and she owns a coffee shop and the events  are happening right after her closing hour

she was about to head out when she heard knocks on the door and it was Ryan , her former boyfriend and they have been dating for 2 years and lived together for a mounth but Ryan always runs away or changes the subject when marriage is brought up in the conversation and Emily isn’t really good in confrontation !

and she also gets a call from Jessica, her friend,

who asks her for help to preapare her own marriage wich is the last thing Emmy wants to do but she can’t help but agree

and last but not least while she was with Ryan someone knocks on the door again and when she opens the door she discovers it’s Ed …

Now i’m  not really sure who Ed is exactly but i think he was probably her ex-boyfriend but what i do know that he left 8 years ago and that his showing-up did shock Emily

  • i think that so far the writing is great and the charchters are well developed and i am exiting to know what’s going to happen next so i better get back to reading now 🙂


e-book edition (133 pages)

published in May 1st 2015


Bye Book Lovers.


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