hello book lovers !!

i started writing my own book recently and – like alot of people- i’m posting it on wattpad!

it’s called ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and it’s a werewolf one.

my book is about Alyssa who is a fetcher (fetchers are mainly a group of rogues that united together to form a large alliance between rogues and they steal everything from other packs so they can live … they aren’t killers but they steal whatever they can that the packs’s finances could get somewhat really damaged) meets her mate … only problem is that he is the moonomic’s alpha who happens to be her number one enemy since her parents got killed during an attack on that pack. her mate would kill her in a minute. if he knows. Aaron dosen’t know that his beloved mate is the one person he swore to destroy … what happens when all the secrets get out of there shells.

my cast .. untill now … 

     crystal reed as alyssa 

                                     téléchargement (1)

     logan lerman as aaron (although am still not so sure about him …)


link to book : https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/71232576-don%27t-let-me-down

link to trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBuxCoMYIKs



and that’s it …

do you think it’s good ? bad ?

would you read it ? 

give me suggestions for aaron …!!

bye book lovers !



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